How to refer Affiliates from Telegram to Palscity

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What is Telegram

Telegram for Affiliate Marketers is a unique free messaging and communication application that allows you to send text messages, pictures, videos and other types of media. Once you register on Telegram you will be able to share media with your contacts and Telegram group members.

Why should you affiliate market on Telegram?

Telegram is a  free subscription app gives you

1. secured chats

2. video calls

3. audio calls

4. secret chats

5. self-destructing messages

6. encrypted backup 

All Telegram features are available to the user for free and there are no hidden costs.

How to reffer Affiliates from Telegram to Palscity

Step 1: You need to identify the telegram groups which you want to send your affiliate link. You can achieve that by googling " affiliate marketing on kenyan telegram group "

You will receive many suggestions. 

2. Draft a Nice Summary. This Summary should be short and Straight to the point.

3. Use Mpesa Screenshots together with your text Summary. If you don't have you can request in the Group

4. Post to Relevant Telegram Groups. 

6. Most important is to reply to the questions on the Comments

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