A Quick Brief on all Palscity & Partner Affiliates Options - Make Money, Grow

The Palscity Affiliates program is now fully back, Bigger and Better. These are some of the ways in which you can gain on Palscity. Explore now and let's grow together.

A. Earn and Withdraw

1. Refer a person using your affiliate's link KShs. 10 

 Pick your Affiliate Link here | Learn more About the Affiliates Program here | See some of the Frequently Asked Questions Here | Join Affiliates WhatsApp Group or WhatsApp +254 759 329230 / hello@ palscity.com

2. Earn KShs. 1,000 when you #BeatPalscityCEO

Track in Real Time how far you are | Learn more About the Affiliates Program here | See some of the Frequently Asked Questions Here

B. Earn Points and Bonuses

Earn points, convert to money when you use Palscity. The points are meant to reward you for positive content. Earn then over time not immediately. Points Bonuses are as follows:

1. Earn 50 points when you blog

2. Earn 5 points when you post

3. Earn 2 points when you comment

4. Earn 1 point when you react, like, etc

Note on Points:

a) Past the hourly limit, you can still post, like, comment, blog for FREE.

b) Pro Users have a 5000 daily limit. Free users have 1,000 limits

c) Hourly points limit to prevent spamming: 10 blogs, 20 comments, 30 reactions, 5 posts.

C. Earn Big on Palscity sister/partner Projects:

1. Mybigorder Affiliates - earn commission as an agent/affiliate on our Online shop when people buy products online. Has products across the country. Refer Vendors/Sellers, Customers earn when they make their 1st purchase.

Join Mybigorder Affiliates Family | Join Mybigorder Affiliates WhatsApp Group - if full, drop a message to +254746557585/+254712534091 | info@ mybigorder.com / alphyjuma@ oracom.co.ke to be added | See Help Centre for More.

2. Web Solutions Affiliates - Refer a Domain, Hosting, SSL, Emails, Gsuite, Google Services, Website, Bulk SMS, Photography, Video, Internet Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing, Paid Ads, Voice Overs - Earn 10% Commission (Oracom Web Solutions LTD)

Join Affiliates Family | Log in to your Affiliates Account | Join Oracom Affiliates WhatsApp Group - if full, drop a message to +254712534091 | alphyjuma @ oracom.co.ke to be added

3. Train on OraDMT get 75% revenue

Pick the categories to Train On | Join as a Trainer or Student | See the Help Centre

D. Palscity Job and Internship Options:

a. Join as an Intern Data Entry, Digital Marketer, Web Developer, etc

b) Get hired for a Job

c) Join as a Partner

d) Join as an Agent

e) Join as a Consultant

D. Facilitation FEES for Leaderships:

1. County Brand Ambassadors - Kshs. 5,000

2. Palscity Table Coordinators - Kshs. 5,000

3. Deputies - Kshs. 2,000

4. Palscity Constituency Ambassadors - coming soon

5. Palscity Ward Brand Ambassadors - coming soon

6. Other Countries Chapters - coming soon


1. Be active, daily.

2. Upgrade to Pro - they have more daily points earning limit.

3. Join a Table based on your Interest

4. Refer as many people, referrals pay better

5. Share your moments, news, updates, etc

6. Follow as many people

7. Write/post good blogs

8. Join the WhatsApp groups for updates


1. When you fake users

2. Poor blogs copy pasted/copywrites

3. Spamming the platform to earn

4. Using proxy addresses to manipulate


1. More exposure for Pro members

2. Networking/Mentorship sessions and opportunities for Table Members.

3. Be part of the growth team taking the platform ahead

I hope you stand strong with Palscity mission - Connect, Share & Discover Opportunities

Thanks for being part of the Change Makers who:

- Works to change people's thinking to do good in the Spirit of Ubuntu

- To create a city of Friends through the banner #WeThePalscitians

- Be part of Kenya & Africa's first social media through the banner #PalscityToTheWorld

No luck what you're looking for?

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