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Be part of the modern future, join and invite a friend. Through the power of many, we can achieve a lot. What is Palscity video:



1. Business&Entrepreneurship:

2. Education:

3. Youth Empowerment:

4. Agriculture:

5. Climate Change & Environment:

6. Leadership & Governance:

7. Women & Girls Empowerment:

8. Health:

9. Art, Talent & Sports:

10. Beauty, Leisure & Entertainment:

11. Infrastructure, Building & Construction:

12. Technology, Science & Future:

13. Students:

14. Peace & Conflict Resolution:

15. Gender & Equality:

16. Trendsetters & Influencers:



1. Mombasa:

2. Kwale:

3. Kilifi:

4. Tana River:

5. Lamu:

6. Taita/Taveta:

7. Garissa:

8. Wajir:

9. Mandera:

10. Marsabit :

11. Isiolo:

12. Meru:

13. Tharaka:

14. Embu:

15. Kitui:

16. Machakos:

17. Makueni:

18. Nyandarua:

19. Nyeri:

20. Kirinyaga:

21. Murang'a:

22. Kiambu:

23. Turkana:

24. West Pokot:

25. Samburu:

26. Trans Nzoia:

27. Uasin Gishu:

28. Elgeyo:

29. Nandi:

30. Baringo 030

31. Laikipia:

32. Nakuru:

33. Narok:

34: Kajiado:

35. Kericho:

36. Bomet:

37. Kakamega:

38. Vihiga:

39. Bungoma:

40. Busia:

41. Siaya 041

42. Kisumu:

43. Homa Bay:

44. Migori:

45. Kisii:

46. Nyamira:

47. Nairobi:












1. Online Sales - 4% (Mybigorder):

2. Web Solutions - 10% (Oracom):



1. Growth Team 1:

2. Growth Team 2:

3. Growth Team 3:

4. Growth Team 4:



1. Tanzania:

2. Uganda:

3. Rwanda:

4. S. Africa:

5. Zimbabwe:

6. Nigeria:

7. Ghana:

8. Malawi:

8. Burundi:

9. Other Africa Countries:



1. Europe:

2. Asia:

3. North America:

4. South America:

5. China:

6. Oceania:


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Why are My Earnings Not Increasing?

This occurs in case:

a) You have not referred people to join the platform

b) You have not blogged or posted or reacted on posts on Palscity

c) You are checking your amounts in the wrong place ie, points are for (posts, blogs, reactions, comments only). Referrals is calculated when you are making withdrawals and Wallet is totally different. Its monies people send to you or you send to people or money you deposit to the wallet.

How much is registration fee or Investment for Affiliates

Palscity is FREE. We do not take any deposits, we are not a Network System. No Registration FEE.

However, once can decide to Pay KShs. 250 to join a Table and Connect more, Network and Join Mentorship sessions.

One can also become a pro to get more out of Palscity.

Why are my referrals not reflecting? I have Brought a Person But Its not reflecting

The following could be some of the reasons that could lead to that. Not all the items may be the case but these can help you troubleshoot where the problem could be:

1. They have not used your referral link to join. Always give them your referral link.

2. Maybe you shared but they did not join the platform. You can always check the Explore menu to see the recent users who have joined the platform.

3. You referred them, but due to their curiosity they left the referral link and started searching about Palscity or their browser or using another gadget or manually typing on the URL then they signup. They will not count as your affiliate since they will then join without directly using your affiliates.

4. If they already visited the website before, it means they have the 1st refers cookie still active. Remember if they also visit the website and not signup and later on join using another person's link then you will be counted as the first referrer and earn.

5. They have joined YES but used a non-existent email address that our system could not reach.

What Is Spamming and How can You help Fight It

Spamming is when you post with the intention to earn. Because you will be in a hurry to earn, you will end up posting many things at a go. So long as they are good content then you are fine but if you post eg letters, emojis, greetings, and posts that do not make sense with a view of earning, then you are spamming. This also includes comments. Make it real, make it good content, make it organic.

Palscity does not pay you for posting content that is not great, we reward you Points for using our Platform normally like you would use your other social media. Then over time, you can redeem your points to cash.

There is no spamming in likes but comments also have to be real.

Always report any post you find as spam by clicking the arrow on the top right of the post and "Report Post". We will then handle it. Let's learn to kill spamming to make the platform rich in content.

What Can Make My Payments Be Declined

Payments can be declined due to the following reasons:

1. When you fake users - ie use a proxy to create fake users by self. fake user is not a real user, includes using another persons contacts to unknowingly create a user with a view of earning from it.

2. When you create users on behalf of another person. Due to privacy lawys each users should create and consent to join Palscity.

3. Poor blogs copy pasted/copywrites - For blogs/articles lifted from another website/place/you are not to the original author, ensure you edit 1st and last paragraph for plagiarism and copyright issues. If you are the origin then no need to edit anything.

3. Spamming the platform to earn ie posting things that do not make sense

4. Using proxy addresses to manipulate the system.

5. Incomplete profile ie ensure you add a clear profile picture with a visible name. Also fill all profile details including phone number.

6. Indicate the money to receive the payment. Ensure the number starts with country code eg +254, +1 so that the money is sent directly to you.

7. When you deceive users with a lier so that they join Palscity. Do not promise people what is not true.

8. When you post other links on your profile eg Network marketing sites, or other marketing eg a client has given you a project to market for the then you are not legible to earn from points. That client will pay you for it instead. We only reward on good content.

8. Avoid being negative or rude on issues money and never share this on your public profile including declined status and payment you have received from palscity. This makes the platform money-minded and cheap. Issues concerning payments, discuss on the Affiliates program only and issues concerning payments reach out to Palscity. 

How do I get the most out of Palscity as a business person?

1. You can create a business page and keep posting your products or services.

2. You can upgrade to a pro membership that allows you to promote your pages and posts for more visibility of your product or service

3. You can run Ads on Palscity

4. You can join a Leaders table of like-minded people to be mentored and get to pitch your

business to investors and also lots of people on the tables.

Why is my payment pending? When are Payments Made?

Once you have reached the Kshs. 500 payment mark, you can withdraw the money. Payments are always made once in a week. Why? To give us time to verify referrals and posts. Since we reward on content and referrals, there are lots of security tests and checks we have to do on every withdrawal alongside the system automated checks. 

All withdrawals are made by every Friday end of Day. 

Payment processing starts on Saturday and may take another 1 or 2 working days based on the number of withdrawals submitted that day. The process is at times faster or slower depending on the week's number of withdrawals. 

There is no need to follow up after you have made your withdrawal. We will process and share a payment approval or rejection on your dashboard.

Palscity is constantly working on making the platform process payments faster even though a human being must be involved in processing and verifying  the payments.

How do I apply for verification and how long does it take

Palscity has that unique ability to take non-celebs and celebs like you thrust into the spotlight every now and then. You can apply to be Palscity verified and receive a blue checkmark badge next to your name.

Requirements for verification

1. You have invited at least 100 real people to the platform - this means you have contributed to the growth of your city. Always use your referral/affiliate link at

2. Ensure your profile is complete with your profile picture, cover photo, name, website, and bio - A MUST.

3. Add a verified phone number and confirm your email address.

4. Add your birthday

5. Make sure your Palscity profile has been active, consistently, for the past four weeks.

Now you can visit the verification form under My Account, General Settings, Profile, Verification.

ALTERNATIVELY directly here

Fill it, and send it for verification. (Note: If you?re applying for verification you?ll also need a copy of a photo ID like a passport or driver?s license and your picture). These requirements are a MUST.

It takes 24 hours to 1 month before your account is finally approved and verified. You can always contact Palscity Help Chat Support or email

At times an account may stay longer when it's on monitoring stage.

If you go through the process once and don?t get verified, no worries, You can try again in 15 days.

Remember: If you are Verified, you must be active on Palscity. If you stay inactive over a period of time, you will automatically loose your verification badge and apply for it later. This is measured based on your last seen status.

How Do I withdraw My Money? Minimum Withdrawal Amount Which Countries are Covered

After making some money on Palscity, you can click the withdraw tab and withdraw your money. Only the money made via Palscity ie Referrals, Posts, Blogs etc are earned via Palscity. Money from the Parent company Oracom are earned on the Oracom dashboard.

The minimum withdrawal amount is Kshs. 500 (USD - 5). You can withdraw any time you have reached the limit

Payments are done depending on your country. 

Kenya - We pay via MPESA

Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda - We pay via MPESA Global

Other Countries - We are working on a payment platform to cover more countries. This doesn't mean you cannot make money. Continue accumulating your money even as you work with us to establish a better way to make payments to your country. This means everyone is FREE to join the referrals program. As for now keep accumulating your money awaiting withdrawal. 

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