How to Refer Affiliates from Twitter

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1. Complete the Information about your Profile use your Palscity Link as your Website

2. Comment about Palscity on posts that are doing Well ( Leave your referral Link)

3. Use Gain Trains to Increase your Number of Followers to increase more Visibility

4. Utilize Hashtags. This is Very Important. Always Use Trending HashTags to Make people who dont follow you see your Post

5. Tweet Regularly but not spamming ( Repeating posts) Always Change your Captions Occasionally

6. After Posting use Twitter Insights from Twitter Analytics to see the Impact of your Tweets 

Bonus Tip: You can change your Twitter Names to fit something Regularly Searched to make your Profile Rank High

Names Like "Afya Centre " "The Nairobian" "Kakamega Pundit" etc

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