How to refer people from Facebook to Palscity

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Step 1 : Join the Facebook Groups . You can get this groups by searching on google as shown in the Screenshot

What Next after Joining this Groups ?

1. Draft a Nice Summary. This Summary should be short and Straight to the point.

2. Make use of Mpesa Screenshots we send here in the Group. If you don't have you can request in the Group.

3. Make use Relevant Hashtags i.e #Jobsinkenya #Jobs etc at the end of your Message

4. Post to Relevant Facebook Groups. 

5. Do this at an interval of 1 minute to avoid getting flagged by the Facebook bots

6. Most important is to go back and reply to the questions on the Comments

Bonus Tip 

1. This Tip works well when you Post on Job Groups and University Groups . They are over 10 thousand on Facebook

2. When the Group requires post approvals. Inbox and Talk to the Opposite Gender Admins to win their mercy and approve your Posts Faster

No luck what you're looking for?

Let us know details about your quesiton. We'll get back to you!