How To Refffer Affiliates Using WhatsApp Blaster

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WhatsApp Blaster is a user friendly Windows ? Based business software application created to send WhatsApp messages in Bulk.

This tool enables any user to send text, images, PDF and Video messages and Audio to thousands of users with a single click.

How To Refffer Affiliates Using WhatsApp Blaster

Step 1 : Purchase the whatsApp Blaster Software from or call +254 724926871 

Step 2 : Download the whatsappblaster file 

Step 3 : Extract the Zip and click whatsappblaster.exe to  Launch the WhatsApp Blaster software in your Computer

 Step 4: Launch the App on your Pc and fill in your Activated details to Open your whatsApp Blaste.

Step 5: Watch this video  how to use WhatsApp Blaster

Step 6: Use the Knowledge obtained in the Video above to obtain Contacts in  WhatsApp Groups and Blast to them about Palscity while giving them your refferal Link

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