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What are the Ongoing Nomination Schedules - How can I track the Nomination and Voting

Nomination Schedules for the Kenya Chapter dates are as follows:

  1. Nomination & Forwarding of Names: 26th April - 10th May 2021.
  2. Voting Opens: 11th May - 25th May 2021
  3. Winners & Commencement - 1st June 2021.

Nomination forms where through this nomination form and you can track the nomination by clicking here  the Actual Voting progress can be tracked here 

Is Palscity County Brand Ambassadors the same as Palscity Table/Program Coordinators?

No. The 2 are not the same. The Palscity County Brand Ambassadors are basically our Think Tanks and Ambassadors in each of the 47 counties for the Kenya Chapter and in some countries the provinces or states or regions. Remember, each country has its own Chapters and Brand Ambassadors. 

The Palscity Table or Program Coordinators are part of the Palscity think tank that runs and manages the Palscity tables for a given chapter or country. 

You can find more information about the Palscity Brand Ambassadors and Palscity Table/Program Coordinators here - click to visit

Some of the Differences Includes

  1. Palscity County Ambassadors are widely represented in each of the Counties, Regions, States, or Province depending on how that currently is divided while the Palscity Table/Program Coordinators only represent the Country.
  2. Palscity County Ambassadors are custodians of the Digital Resource Hubs while Palscity Table/Program Coordinators are custodians of the topical issues on Palscity.
  3. Palscity County Ambassadors are nominated by themselves or others and go through a voting process to select them while the Palscity Table/Program coordinators are selected through Interviews.

Tell more more About Palscity County Brand Ambassadors - Kenya Chapter Nomination

Palscity is Kenya's fastest growing Social Media & Business Platform. Palscity seeks the nomination of 47 County Ambassadors. The Part-time enthusiasts will form part of the Palscity Think Tank team. They should have a passion for bringing Solutions to Local problems and steering Palscity Partnerships & Opportunities.

They will be custodians of the Palscity Tables, PalscityTV & Palscity County Digital Resource Centers. 

Where can I find the Palscity County Brand Ambassadors - Kenya Chapter Webinar Video

Find the video on the Palscity Brand Ambassadors where the members Interested in the nominations / candidates had a session, presentation and FAQ session with the Palscity Team.

What Is Palscity who Owns Palscity?

Palscity is a Social Media, Business, and Leadership platform that allows people to Connect Share, and Discover Opportunities nearby. It's basically a city of Friends. We have imagined a modern-day city where friends can Connect to one another, Share information and updates they have including opportunities and Discover what's never and Opportunities around them. 

The platform is run by a Think Tank. The team ensures the platform has a variety of content, maintains strict privacy and confidential information, and ensures users benefit from it.

Palscity is founded by Alphonce Juma and is a brand of Oracom Group - Kenya's top Digital and Web Solutions Company. See Oracom Group website here 

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